Fiona Mckerrell’s work has been commissioned, produced and published by Arles 2015 Le Rencontres De La Photographie, Belle Magazine, Melbourne Design Guide, Sleeveface, Black Book Magazine and State of Design, among others. Most recently she did an artist in residency at Merton Hall Melbourne Girls Grammar where she engaged the girls in variety of media including photography and animation.

Previously, a student at Lowther Hall Girls Grammar, followed by studying Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology majoring in Painting and Print Making, Fiona excelled in her chosen field of Painting. Her career later expanded into the field of Graphic Design where she worked for ANZ Graphic Design, True Digital and Visual Purple Interactive, collaborated with multimedia designer Pixelshifter, and screened her first short film at the New York short film and animation festival.

Alongside such work, Fiona has steadily cultivated a provocative two-dimensional graphic language that lies between art, illustration and multimedia. Fiona produces work in a variety of media including drawing, painting, film & photography. Fiona has been responsible for a wide range of high-profile creative projects, from commissions by the Wow GPO Melbourne, Eat Green Design, exclusive interior design projects such as Graffiti Bar in Shanghai and sessional Graphic Design lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology.

“The majority of my work is figurative and graphic, which reflects my style; graphic motifs, patterns, interpretation, not always dependent on photography. My projects are often a collaborative process; my reputation is based on the quality of work throughout each phase of the creative process. I strive to deliver consistently exceptional work whilst exploring new techniques to continue to create new ideas.”